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Last updated at01:40 UK,    Sunday, 16 December 2018

Welcome to the Web Site where the Welsh Chess Unionís Junior Rapidplay Ratings can be found.

For those new to the system, ratings are used to compare the playing strength of the players, the higher the number, the better the player. They are particularly useful for selecting teams, and then putting the players chosen into board order. Hopefully a childís rating will improve as they get older and play more chess.

I would like to have all competitive Rapidplay games played in Wales Rated (those where clocks are initially set to under 1 hour for all moves), but am dependent on the event organisers to send me all the results. If I have had these, you can expect the player's live ratings to be updated within a week of an event. I may have to rely on parent "pester power" for this to happen. If an event hasnít appeared in your updated rating within a week of the event, please contact the event organiser before contacting me as to why the results have not appeared. If you play Rapidplay games outside Wales, for these to be rated you would need to send me the detailed results yourself.

If your name has been miss-spelt or your birth year or school year (as from Sept 2014) is wrong or missing, please let me know as I have had to make intelligent guesses for some of the information presented here.

Fuller information relating to the list should appear on the main WCU website.

John D Thornton
WCU Rapidplay Rating Officer.

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