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Last updated at22:50 on Sat, 13 July 2024

Welcome to the website where the Welsh Chess Union’s Junior Rapidplay Ratings can be found.

For those new to the system, ratings are used to compare the playing strength of the players, the higher the number, the better the player. They are particularly useful for selecting teams, and then putting the players chosen into board order. Hopefully a child’s rating will improve as they get older and play more chess; but once the basics have been mastered, standards have little relation to age, and a rating of 1000 would be an indication a player of any age is ready to compete against adults at the lower levels of club or adult tournament chess.

All competitive games played with a clock and a time limit of over 10 minutes and under 1hr are eligible for rating. Results of games played in Wales will usually be rated within a week of being played – for games played outside Wales and with no direct WCU involvement, it is best to send result details directly (date/event/opponents/results) to john@wcurapidplayratings.co.uk Any errors in data (e.g. mis-spelling of names) should also be referred there.

The site conforms with the WCU privacy statement which can be found in the GDPR section of the Welsh Chess Union website (www.welshchessunion.uk), where further information about chess in Wales can be found.

I hope this site will add to your enjoyment and interest in competitive chess.

John D. Thornton
WCU Junior Rapidplay Rating Officer

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